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Big Table Conversation

The Big Table is a day of Big Tablecommunity building through hour-long conversations taking place all across our region on August 30—designed to build understanding in these challenging times. More than 1,000 residents are expected to participate in at least 125 conversations held across the region. The conversations will revolve around a snack or meal, where people can express ideas about the strengths and challenges we face as a community.

Emphasis is not on finding immediate solutions, but rather on creating authentic civic energy and engagement through the conversations that occur and the ideas that are shared. The Big Table will give participants an opportunity to share their thoughts about creating a promising future for our community.

Join us on August 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Parlor!


Fall Discipleship Opportunities

Don’t miss out on our three new studies starting in September.  studyLearn all about these exciting learning opportunities by clicking here.




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Faith Stories

What is faith? Because of our unique, individual relationships with God, there are as many answers as there are people on this planet.