A World Worth Saving – Lenten Challenge

Is this opportunity to help establish purposefulness and capability to bring God’s Spirit and peace into a world that can at times seem utterly chaotic one that your heart, mind, and spirit are craving? Check out this year’s Lenten study to find out!




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Continuing Monday, April 13, 2015!

There are 10,080 minutes in a week, and if we’re blessed enough, we make certain to ensure 60 of them are in service on Sunday, aligning ourselves with God’s spirit to better help us lived the blessed and fulfilled lives that we seek. But realistically, we need so much more than that to uplift our hearts and spirits with the Lord, and to encourage others to do the same!  Check out our 2nd Mondays Series at Broad St. UMC that will give us an opportunity to take time out and fellowship with God and our church family as we grow with one another in spirit and as people.


                                                                       Entering the Psalms

                                                                       Confirmation for Grown-Ups

                                                                       Faith in Action: Living Christ into 21st Century Social Justice


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Faith Stories

What is faith? Because of our unique, individual relationships with God, there are as many answers as there are people on this planet.