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Broad Street UMC e-News – September 3, 2011


Reflection on Requiem, by K. Lee Scott

Reflection on Requiem – April 2011

The chancel choirs of Broad Street UMC and Indianola Presbyterian Church joined in musical unity with a chamber orchestra and organ to sing and play K. Lee Scott’s Requiem. The seven-movement composition was interspersed throughout the broader context of our regular worship/communion service. The work is contemplative, inspirational, and powerful in a non-liturgical setting of the mass for the dead. Some of the most moving music ever composed is the settings of the Requiem by some of the world’s greatest classical composers. Scott’s interpretation containing much depth and pathos will survive the test of time and be placed among the great religious compositions of our present day works.

The worshipper could tell that much work, effort, and rehearsing (re-hearing) went into the preparation of the piece. The congregation was very attentive to the performance.

- Don Christenson