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First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13: 24-37
“The Journey is Home”

Advent is the time not so much to focus on the beauty we create in the world around us as it is for us to recognize that God is present in our journey to transform chaos and brokenness into His beauty and reality.

In the events that so recently transpired in Ferguson, MO, for example, we can choose to see only the tragedy, or we can see how people have both been to others and found the Spirit of God amidst the tragedy.

There is Benjamin Watson’s thoughtful reflection on the the state of our relations as human beings (

There was Scott Bonner, the head librarian of the Ferguson library, choosing to keep the library open and in service to the community when even the schools had closed (

And there is the story of Natalie Dubose, owner of the fledgling and now damaged Natalie’s Cakes & More, who will experience beyond revival as the result of GoFundMe campaigns that have raised via nearly 5,000 donors 2 1/2 times the amount she requested, as well as help from various volunteers assisting with clean up and baking at her shop (

The lesson of these stories poses this question for Advent:
Rather than determine how we will celebrate or decorate, how we will choose to see and allow God to celebrate and decorate the world in blessing through each of us?