Top Ten Reasons Broad Street is a GREAT church!

Eight months into my appointment as the lead pastor of Broad Street UMC, Open Shelter I’ve given considerable thought to the reasons why this particular church is so extraordinarily wonderful.  As a result, I’ve decided to create a “Top 10″ list!

10.  The People!  They are the “Church in the Heart of the City, with the City in our hearts!”  They have a love for each other, a love for mission and outreach, a desire for faithfulness that is unparalleled and their grace is contagious!

9.   Their Mission!  Let’s make a list:  Manna Cafe and serve more than 30,000 meals a year. The Legal Clinic provides an invaluable service to those who need legal advice, free of charge, on the first Thursday of every month.  AA meets 6 days a week; Bethlehem on Broad provides 1300 boxes of food for families at the holidays; the Inn at Broad provides low income housing for two single mothers, who are going to school and preparing for a stable future; and, an Environmental Committee that is growing our awareness of green issues at church and in the world.  We have a very active mission team that has served locally, nationally and internationally.  I could go on, but you get the picture.

8.  The Lead Pastor’s Husband!  He’s such a hoot! (My apologies, I couldn’t resist!)

7.  Their Discipleship!   A learning congregation is a growing and faithful congregation.  We currently have a Disciple Bible Study Class, regular (seasonal) offerings, several groups that have met for years doing book studies and theological reflection.

6.  The People!  (I know I’ve already said that; but honestly, you’ll never feel more welcomed anywhere else in the world!  I’ve never experienced a congregation more willing to pull together to achieve great things and that offered such extravagant care.  They have the hardest working, most faithful committees and boards!

5.  Their Worship and Music!   Broad Street UMC has incredible music!  The choirs (choral and bell) are tremendously gifted and the special offerings by individuals and groups are equally marvelous.  Our musical team is lead by Gary Everts and Brian Johnson, two consummate professionals, who bless us week in and week out!  It just doesn’t get any better.

4.  Their Diversity!  Broad Street UMC is a Reconciling Congregation, open to all persons…period!  We celebrate the gift of a very diverse community:  LGBT and straight; persons of all colors, backgrounds and cultures; young and old; those with  resources and those without resources; those with homes and those without; the abled and disabled.  I think Broad Street looks like the Kingdom of God!

3.  Their History!  Jim Barbee and our History and Archives Committee have done an incredible job documenting our 138 years of ministry on the corner of Broad and Washington, how we arrived at that corner, and the significant events that have shaped us.  Did you know that Broad Street used to have a Presidential Pew and that President William McKinley’s Memorial Service was held here?  Ask to see the pictures.

2.   The People!  God hungry, faith-centered, warm, welcoming, diverse,  gracious people.  (Greg Kendrick, Jr., our Associate Pastor, and I truly feel blessed to serve Broad Street!)

Number one reason:  God is here when we gather; and when you come, you’ll know that too.


Blessings, dear ones,


Pastor Lou