Christian Formation at Broad Street United Methodist Church

Whether you call it education or formation, we believe a fulfilled life in Christ results from good preparation.

Forming faithful Christian disciples for the journey of life is one of the four key aspects of our mission at Broad Street United Methodist Church.  It begins with worship where children and youth participate alongside adults of all ages.  Through prayer, singing, communion, and other worship experiences, children and youth meet God and learn the patterns of Christian worship.  In addition, there are special supportive materials and children’s areas to assist families with children during the worship service.

Children & Youth

Many nurturing activities are available for children, youth, and adults to help each grow and deepen their relationship with God.


SpiritSparks is a  learning experience for children and youth on Sunday morning before worship.  It includes prayer, scripture, stories, music, and crafts.  Children, youth and parents gather at 9:15 a.m. for fellowship and refreshments.  At 9:30, children and youth begin their SpiritSparks experience.  In the course of the year, SpiritSparks includes creative service opportunities:  chalk drawings on the church sidewalk to welcome visitors and guests, preparing for dramatic presentations in worship, organizing to walk and raise funds for CropWalk, making soft cover baby books for infants of the church, preparing for the annual children’s Christmas program, collecting items for Bethlehem on Broad Street, and more.  Come join the adventure.

Additional family activities are planned throughout the year including swim night, game night, harvest parties, and more.

Youth Fellowship

The youth of Broad Street United Methodist Church meet Sunday evenings for fun, fellowship, food, study and service.  They grow in faith as they grow in community together with the youth of the Maple Grove United Methodist Church.  Adult counselors guide their growth.  During the course of the year, they plan for major mission trips each summer.

For Adults

         Does your spiritual life need a faith-lift?
         Ready for more spiritual connection?
         Hungry for God’s presence in your daily walk?

The answer to these questions is unique to each person.  The particular solution is different.  However, the elements that lead to the answer or solution are the same.

The elements that will lead you to the faith renewal you seek are the “means of grace.”  It is always a good time to consider participating in “means of grace” for your own development.  The “means of grace” are:  communion, baptism/baptismal renewal, worship, study, prayer, forgiveness, vocational calling, justice, healing, and Christian conversation/conferencing.

We would like to encourage you to consider the “means of grace” of study, prayer, and Christian conversation.  All three of these elements can be accessed through the adult study and spiritual formation programs at Broad Street.  The following small groups are places where you can study, pray and converse.  Please look over the possible times for meetings, the length of commitment, and the variety of topics for study.

  • Becoming Disciples – Red – Overview of the entire Bible – 34 weeks
  • Becoming Disciples – Green – Genesis/Exodus & Luke/Acts – 32 weeks
  • Becoming Disciples – Yellow – Wisdom Literature, John, and Revelation – 32 weeks
  • Becoming Disciples – Purple – The Prophets and Paul – 32 weeks
  • Jesus and the Gospels – comparative study of Jesus in the four gospels – 28 weeks
  • Companions in Christ – a small group that grows in Christian prayer together – 28 weeks
  • Servant Leadership – Wednesday evening classes on love, prayer, poverty, community, power, & justice – 8 weeks
  • Christian Conversation for Busy Adults – Sunday morning adult Bible conversation
  • Topical Studies – God’s Politics, Matters of Living and Dying, Just Neighbors, The Book of Revelation, and others