At Manna Café, those who give often receive more and those who receive give more than they realize.

When the T’ferith Isreael group was cleaning up after they sponsored the meal on Wednesday, March 9, I told their leader, Goldie, “Thank you”. She responded, “We enjoy this. We believe in what you are doing and we like the way you do it”.

Ray, an OSU student who volunteered 30 hours as part of his course in Community Leadership, wrote in his Thank you note, “I appreciate the family environment. I believe everyone who attends, volunteers and guests, have a pleasant experience. I will take my Manna Café experience wherever I go.”

The mother of a volunteer liked what she has heard and sent a large donation.

One of the guests reported, “I feel there is a presence here.”

You have a chance to be part of this every Wednesday by coming at 4 pm or later and volunteering. Contact me to sign up!    —

-  Emily Schornstein

Hot mealsThe MANNA CAFÉ provides a welcoming community and nutritious meal every Wednesday evening to 150-180 guests from our community. We need 10-12 volunteers to help on Mar 30. To volunteer, please contact Carol Whitt @ 740-504-7868 or To learn more, speak to Emily Schornstein (441-8949). You may also leave a message at ext. 220 here at the church. To provide financial assistance (The meal for 180 costs $300), please indicate “Manna Café” on the memo of your check or on the offering envelope.

You can also donate online using PayPal, securely from our site by going to our Donate page.

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