IMG_20160618_185632CDF Freedom Schools™ programs aim to support and empower families and Scholars in developing the strengths and potentials of our Scholars. We accomplish this in a variety of ways.


Building Self & Community

  • We coach holistic strategies for development of the self, as well as encouraging and supporting others. Our overall goal is to encourage and coach the Scholars in developing healthy communities together. We are a Freedom School family and, together with our student families, we learn what it means to support and uplift one another. Scholars are being encouraged that “I Can Make A Difference” in their person, behavior, and how they build into those and the community around them.

Building Change Agents & Community Leaders

  • Every child has great capacity, strength, and power within them. Both the curriculum and the focus of building self and community are aimed at helping Scholars both discover and understand their gifts. However, the program also aims at not only at active, engaged, and informed citizenry, but also being change agents and leaders in and for the communities in which they live.

To achieve these two aims, we focus on The Healthy & Whole Person & Community:

  • Literacy
    • Being able to build into our world means being able to access, evaluate, and interpret information for ourselves. This is why literacy has always been the core component of the CDF Freedom Schools™ program.
  • Nutrition
    • CDF Freedom Schools™ program stresses the importance of healthy diets to properly fuel rapidly developing brains over time, and well-fed brains also think better day-to-day. Structured physical activity is crucial to keeping our bodies mobile, strong, and healthy for longer and fuller lives.
  • Drugs & Alcohol Awareness
    • Alcohol and drugs are a pervasive deterrent to living full lives across all communities. With the support of our funder, ADAMH, and various community programs, we work with our Scholars on understanding the realities of drug and alcohol use, potential risks, and learning to make and encourage healthy choices in their peers.
  • Positive Choices & Behaviors
    • We encourage Scholars to develop an understanding of their choices and behaviors, and the consequences for both themselves and others. However, our primarily focus is not on what we don’t do, but coaching the Scholars to imagine the people and the community they desire and how their behaviors and choices build into or detract from that vision.