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“Freedom Schools is what?”


For the sixth consecutive year, Broad St. UMC and Asbury North UMC will host our Heart of the City CDF Freedom Schools’ program! From June 19-July 28, 80 K-5 Scholars will join us for a 6-week program centered around literacy, civic knowledge, action & responsibility, and tons of fun!

The CDF Freedom Schools model engages Scholars in their local communities, as well as citizens of the nation and world. We expect our teachers, parents, children, and staff to set high expectations for themselves and become equipped to excel through the challenges of personal growth and transformation.

The CDF Freedom Schools program is a rebirth of the schools of the Freedom Summer Project of 1964, freedom school - sanctuary - dosa
in which college students from all over the country were trained at Shaw University and Miami of Ohio to staff summer schools for children in the South. Each June, college-aged servant leader interns from program sites all over the United States are trained at the Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute at the historic CDF Haley Farm. They learn and are coached to support Scholars over the course of the 6-week program in developing their literacy skills and build awareness of challenges facing their communities.

Evaluation shows the CDF Freedom Schools model is an exciting and promising practice that yields positive outcomes for children. The Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte conducted an evaluation of the Freedom School Partners’ Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® programs during the summers 2010-2013 to determine the program’s impact on the reading ability of students served by Freedom School Partners in Charlotte, North Carolina. This evaluation builds on a pilot evaluation study led by the Center during the summer of 2009.

We are excited to engage in supporting the development and molding of our world’s most valuable citizens–our youth!



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