Please enjoy these devotionals from Upper Room Ministries, a ministry of the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship.





  • 2 October 2014: An Everyday Mystery - Upper Room Daily Reflections
    Today’s Reflection WE HAVE OPPORTUNITIES to embrace Jesus’ transforming mystery in our everyday lives. Henri J.M. Nouwen once said that human life is a series of losses. We experience loss constantly. We are born, and we lose the security of the womb. We go to school, and we lose the familiarity of home. We go […]
  • 1 October 2014: A Circle of Prayer and Praise - Upper Room Daily Reflections
    Today’s Reflection GOD EXPECTS US, like the vineyard, to produce fruits of praise and glory. God expects us to share our blessings with others: to feed a hungry world, mend a broken relationship, forgive ourselves and others. We sin; we do not pray. We neglect others and think only of ourselves when the needs of […]
  • 30 September 2014: Humanity’s Prayer - Upper Room Daily Reflections
    Today’s Reflection THE MORTAR OF THE CHURCH is prayer. And our prayer … is that God will make “all things new,” that God will make me new as well and all those who have likewise longed for and loved God’s appearing. That we who pray to God will be made the people of God at […]
  • 29 September 2014: Holy Listening - Upper Room Daily Reflections
    Today’s Reflection LISTENING DEEPLY TO ANOTHER PERSON places us on sacred ground. The person we pay attention to is a child of God, made in the divine image. Moreover, God is present with us when we listen deeply to one of God’s precious sons or daughters. So we can also listen for God as we […]
  • 28 September 2014: God Hears Our Prayers - Upper Room Daily Reflections
    Today’s Reflection PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, a friend asks. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them,” we say in response to tragedy. Much of our praying involves intercession for others. It carries our compassion. Though any sincere prayer of the heart seems valid to me, I must admit that my own practice of intercessory prayer […]