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General Contact Information:

Broad Street United Methodist Church
501 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215-3822
Phone:  614-221-4571
Fax:  614-221-7917

Map & Directions

For general questions, send an email to, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you prefer an easier way to contact the church.  Some specific contact information is listed in the table, below.

Specific Contacts:





Jim Barbee History Committee
Kent & Mary Beittel Open Shelter 614-222-2885
Carol Bellisari Inn at Broad Street ext. 232
Candy Bennett Center for Discipleship & Learning
Jo Beth Burns Health Ministry
Deb Brierly Office Administrator ext. 101
Gary Everts Chancel Choir Director ext. 207
Marge Galloway Staff Parish Committee
Fr. Patrick Gourley Lamb of God Anglican Church ext. 211
Ruben Herrera Diversity
Shelley Hobson Outreach, Cropwalk, Ushers
Anna Hughes Trustees
John Ball & Joan Howells Library
Walt Jeffreys Worship Cluster
Brian Johnson Organist ext. 208
Kathy Johnson United Methodist Women’s Group ext. 212
Gregory Kendrick Student Associate Pastor ext. 133
Manna Cafe ext. 220
Rev. Lou Seipel Senior Pastor ext. 100
Marcia Miller Seminary Intern; Inn at Broad Street Chair
Tim Price Church Custodian ext. 205
Nancy Roberts Membership
Jon Sadler Finance
Bridget Simpson Servant Leadership School ext. 222
Leslie Summers & Karen Freudigman Shawl Ministry
Nancy Taggart & Sue Hughes AIDS Ministry ext. 209
Jan Tague Environmental Justice
Craig Vander Veen Church Council
Connie Warren Campfire Boys & Girls


If you don’t have easy access to email, use this form to contact the church.  We look forward to hearing from you!