Build Faith Anew



Please mark your calendars to save the evening of Sunday, October 9, 2011 to attend the Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign Kick-Off Rally and Dinner. Planning is well underway for an exciting and informative event that will include a family-style dinner and information about the Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign. Jazz entertainment will be provided by the James Elliot Project. Rev. Dr. Darryl Fairchild and Rev. Kim Armentrout, a United Methodist clergy couple from the Dayton area will be the dynamic, featured speakers for the evening. The event is scheduled to take place from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign promises to be an exciting spiritual journey for our church family – one that will not only continue our commitment to preserving our beautiful and historic building, but will also significantly improve our ability to continue to provide an open, inclusive and welcoming environment that matches the open and affirming spirit of our congregation. The Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign will raise resources for two specific purposes:

Capital funds will be raised to honor the obligations of the current building loan. In 2007 – 2008, the deteriorating exterior stone of the church was replaced with new, durable, and beautiful cultured stone. A careful financial plan that included a $2.5 million loan and a repayment plan that includes recurring capital campaigns was developed and approved by the congregation. We are currently on-target with our loan repayment schedule and the Build Faith Anew capital campaign’s goal of raising $500,000 over the next three years will keep us on track.

Operating Funds will be raised to support the Mission and Ministry of Broad Street United Methodist Church. Our annual stewardship campaign raises funds for our continued and expanding ministries. The goal for the 2012 annual stewardship portion of the Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign is $225,000.


The campaign leadership team is hard at work planning activities associated with the Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign. Chris Clough and Craig Vander Veen are the co-chairs of the campaign, Pam Scott is leading the annual stewardship campaign, and there is an able and energetic team working on all aspects of the campaign activities.

We need you to get informed and involved. To help you learn more about the overall timeline of the Build Faith Anew Financial Campaign, we have listed some of the key milestones below:

October 9          Kick-Off Rally and Dinner

November 6       Day of Decision

November 20     Day of Celebration

During the campaign, you will be called by phone team members on three separate occasions to encourage your attendance for the Kick-off Rally, the Day of Decision, and the Day of Celebration. We pray that you will be able to participate in each of these important events.

At the Kick-Off Rally, you will receive a 20 Day Devotional Guide and other important information about the campaign. The Devotional Guide will provide you with daily scripture and other information to help you prayerfully meditate on the meaning of Broad Street UMC in your life and what God wants to accomplish through the people, ministries, mission and building of our church. Throughout services in October and November, Rev. David Meredith will be speaking about principles of stewardship. The prayer team will introduce a church-wide prayer activity that will encourage members to pray for one another.

On the Day of Decision (November 6) everyone will have the opportunity to make a three year Statement of Intent of financial support for the capital portion of the project (loan repayment) and a one year commitment of financial support to the mission and ministry of the church through the 2012 operating fund. Statement of Intent cards will be provided. The Statement of Intent is not a binding commitment; however the willingness of members of our church family to estimate their giving will allow leaders of Broad Street UMC to make realistic financial plans.

Our Day of Celebration is November 20, and everyone who is planning to complete a Statement of Intent card will be asked to return the card by this Sunday. The level of financial support that the Broad Street UMC church family is able to provide will be announced at our congregational Thanksgiving Dinner.

Historic Legacy and Promises for the Future

Today, all of us at Broad Street UMC are worshipping, learning and growing in faith in a facility that we did not build. We have been nurtured by the faithful sacrifice of others. By preserving our beautiful building, we honor the thousands of people who have passed through our doors for more than 100 years – clergy, lay members, visitors and guests – everyone benefiting from God’s love and from the many ministries of Broad Street United Methodist Church. Now is the time for our current church family to commit to the continuing legacy of the Broad Street United Methodist Church. For most of us, today’s challenge is our time to make our mark by building faith at a church we love. It is our time to leave our legacy of faith for future generations who will come to love Broad Street UMC as much as we do. Build Faith Anew!

Chris Clough and Craig Vander Veen

Build Faith Anew

Financial Campaign Co-Chairs


Heart of the City Street Fair


Servant Leader Interns Needed

Servant leader interns are college-aged young adults and recent college graduates who play a key role in the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program. Servant leader interns are responsible for a maximum of ten students and serve as teachers during classroom activities. We are looking for servant leader interns from the “heart of the city;” however, interns from other parts of the city, state, and country will also enrich the summer experience. Servant leader interns must be mature, smart, and responsible.  They will be selected for their energy and enthusiasm, their ability to engage children and their willingness to work hard with a spirit of servant leadership. Servant leader interns must be chosen by April 18, 2011 and are required to attend the CDF Freedom Schools Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute at Haley Farm on June 5-12, 2011.

Servant leader interns must be 19–30 years of age, have completed at least one year of college, and have plans to complete the college degree. Servant leader interns must also maintain or have graduated with at least a 2.5 G.P.A. They must attend and successfully complete the CDF Freedom Schools Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute. High school students may not serve as servant leader interns.

Each servant leader is employed from June 4 through August 5th and receives a stipend of $2700 for the nine weeks of training, leadership, and evaluation.  Position descriptions and applications are available through Rev. David Meredith or Candy Bennett at Broad Street UMC and via email to or by phone at 614.221.4571, ext. 221.

– Pastor David W. Meredith


Game Nights–Come Join Us!


imageOn the first Friday of each month, 7:30-10:00pm, we’re planning a young adult Game Night — Singles and Couples in the fellowship hall. Get a babysitter and come on down to join the fun! There will be Refreshments, Laughs, Games, Fun, Social Spiritual Message & Fellowship. Bring Wii, your favorite board-games, and a friend! Sponsored by Paul Christian & Ken Schoon. Next one: April 8, 2011. Contact Ken Schoon for more information.


Heart of the City Walk – 2011

Heart of the City Walk 2011 – August 20, 2011

Attention, all walkers! In fact, attention everyone! The Heart of the City Walk has been scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2011. Put this on your calendar and start walking now to prepare. You are not a walker? Just walk for five minutes TODAY. Add a minute tomorrow. Before you know it, you will be a walker. Believe me, this is NOT an event designed for trained athletes. This is designed for everyone who wants to experience the amazing health benefits of increasing your walking.

Let me tell you a story.

Aunt Rosalie, who is not really my aunt, but whom I happily claim as part of the family, moved to Ohio in 2009 because her health was starting to fail. She lives independently near my sister Elaine and my nephew Chris. When she arrived, she was on pain medication five times a day due to a back problem. Last summer, she decided—on her own — no prompting from family or doctor —- that she would try walking, although she had never been a walker. She went outside in the late afternoon, and using her walker, set out near her building.

She did not tell anyone. She felt better so gradually increased her distance. When winter came, she walked indoors. When she announced this accomplishment to the family on Thanksgiving, Elaine told her she would walk with her and measure the distance with her pedometer. It turns out that Aunt Rosalie is walking one and a half miles every day. It is never too late to start walking. Aunt Rosalie started at age 92. She now takes one dose of pain medication per day — if she needs it. And mostly, she does not.

Will you join us for this yearʼs Heart of the City Walk? It is really fun; just ask any of last yearʼs walkers. The $25 registration fee supports the Heart of the City Foundation. Last year we contributed $1800. If you are unable to contribute the $25, just come and walk with us anyway. You are welcome!

Start walking now!


–  Gail Hetzler and Marge Galloway


Requiem – April 3, 2011


Requiem, by K. Lee Scott

The Chancel Choir and the Chancel Choir of Indianola Presbyterian Church will present K. Lee Scott’s Requiem on Sunday morning, April 3. Scott’s Requiem is a non-liturgical Requiem drawing on texts from the Psalms, Revelation, a hymn text by Timothy Dudley-Smith and two texts by John Donne. Taking the better part of two decades to complete, Scott compiled a convincing and cohesive set of English texts incorporating a slight evidence of the traditional Latin form of the Requiem Mass.

Over the past few decades, K. Lee Scott has emerged as one of the foremost American composers of music for the Church. His compositions include anthems, hymns that have been included in several recently published hymnals, and several large works, including his Requiem. Accompaniment for the Requiem will be a chamber group in instrumentalists including cello, flute, harp, timpany and organ. Gary Everts and Doug Slusher, director of the Indianola Choir, will share the conducting. Solos will be sung by Cynthia Mahaney and Nancy Roberts. The two choirs will repeat the Requiem at Indianola Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning, April 10.


2011 Lenten Devotional

Please enjoy the Broad Street UMC Lenten Devotional, available in PDF format, here: