Ms. Natalie (Broad St. –  Level II) and HOC Freedom School staff welcome you!

Morning Drop Up/Afternoon Pick-Up

  1. For students NOT in before or after care, Scholars’ designated sites are open for drop-off beginning at 8:00 am, and Scholars must be picked up by 3:15 pm. If you need to make alternative arrangements for a particular day, please contact your site coordinator by the day prior; the spacing of staff for before and after care does not permit them to keep moving out of their assigned roles to accommodate additional logistics.
  2. Unless previous arrangements have been made or in cases of emergency, please do not expect to pick up Scholars before 3:00 pm. Afternoon activities may have them 1-3 blocks away from the site (i.e. – at the Columbus Main Library), and we cannot ask a class to return early because parents have arrived early. Some activities may also run until 3 pm, but Scholars will have prepared for departure prior to activity and so will be prepared for dismissal as soon as the activity concludes.
  3. All Scholars must be signed in and signed out by a parent, guardian, or individual on the pick-up list provided on the Scholar’s application. We will check IDs for the first week of Freedom School program for pick up, and if the person stationed at sign-out is unfamiliar with the individual picking up the Scholar.
  4. Dropping Off and Picking Up at Asbury North: Please use the church’s parking lot or street parking. You will need to take your Scholar to the basement for sign-in and drop off, and sign-out and pick-up.
  5. Dropping Off and Picking Up at Broad St.:
    1. If you are NOT using before or after care, use the small parking lot immediately opposite the intersection of S. Washington and . The door for entry is in this lot. Additionally, you can make a right down E. Capital Street (the small alley just past the church, headed south on S. Washington), in which we have a small parking lot immediately behind the church. You will know it by the garden blooming there! There is a footpath from that lot to the entry door for Freedom School.
    2. If picking up from after care, the State Auto parking lots immediately across the street are available for use to the church after 4 pm. These are preferable to ease congestion and your wait time in the small lots.


Before & After Care

  1. Before Care is scheduled from 7:00-7:45 am at Asbury North UMC. We are not able to adequately care for Scholars outside of these times, and so Scholars are not to be dropped off prior to 7:00 am. The van from Asbury for Broad St. Scholars departs at 7:45 am; if you are arriving after this time, please proceed to Broad St. to check your Scholar in for the day.
  2. After Care is scheduled from 3:15-6:00 pm at Broad St. UMC. Asbury after care Scholars will be shuttled to Broad St. at 3:00 pm. We are not able to adequately care for Scholars outside of these times, and so Scholars are to be picked up by 6:00 pm. If for any reason on a specific day you or a designated pick up person are arriving after your regularly scheduled pick up time, we ask that you notify your site coordinator as soon as possible.
  3. If a family is unable to comply with the times and guidelines of before and after care, they may lose their access to the program.
  4. Scholars are expected to comply with the same guidelines for before and after care as they would during their Freedom School day. Conduct during before and after care may result in a Scholar being asked to not attend the following day, which means they would also miss out on the next field trip.
  5. We ask that you please provide 24-hour notice if your regularly-scheduled Scholar will not be attending Before and/or After Care on a given day.


Attendance, Absences & Tardiness

  1. Participation in our program asks that each Scholar attend each day of Freedom School. The Freedom School curriculum builds upon itself, and so each day a Scholar misses is a day that they are missing of the overall learning. Additionally, some of our funding is dependent upon attendance. We know that summer is summer and there are days Scholars may want to stay home. Our promise to you is that if you get them to Freedom School, we will make certain they are pleased that they came.
  2. If a Scholar is going to be absent (for scheduled doctor appointments, etc.) we ask that you please notify your site coordinator at least 24 hours in advance so that we are aware that they will not be with us on a particular day. We are concerned always for your families, and we like to know that everything is all right. It also helps Servant Leader Interns to better prepare activities for your Scholars’ classmates.
  3. We ask that families make every effort to arrive on time for the Freedom School day. Staff have specific assignments in the mornings, and late arrivals make it difficult for us to be present with the Scholars and also cover checking-in Scholars who have arrived late. Additionally, Scholars missing the beginning of their Integrated Reading Curriculum are missing the heart of their day, and classes may have special program or activities away from the site which would mean tardy Scholars sitting and waiting for their return.
  4. Any child who misses two or more days of a Freedom School week (whether for outside activities or illness) will not be permitted to attend the next Friday Field Trip.
  5. Any Scholar who is sent home for behavior concerns during the week will not be permitted to attend the next Field Trip.
  6. Families exhibiting repeated tardiness, absences, or attendance concerns may be dismissed from the program.



  1. If a Scholar takes any medication during the school year to support their learning, they must also take this medication during Freedom Schools program.
  2. If a Scholar needs medication during the day for any reason (supporting learning, allergies, EpiPens, etc.), medication must be supplied to the Scholar’s site coordinator, along with any applicable schedule for medication dispersal.
  3. Medication is kept in locked cabinets in the site coordinator’s office. Exceptions to this would during field trips and short distance trips (i.e. – to the Columbus Main Library), at which time the site coordinator will provide any allergy medications to the Scholar’s Servant Leader Intern. Said medications will be returned to the site coordinator and their locked location upon return to the site.
  4. An individual log will be kept by the site coordinator for each Scholar taking medication in any capacity. That log will reflect each and any time medication is dispersed to said Scholar.
  5. In the event that a Scholar is administered allergy medication given only in times of emergency (i.e. – an EpiPen), procedures as designated by parents/guardians on the Scholar’s application and in any subsequent instructions given in writing by parents/guardians will be followed by staff, and familes will receive an incident report to confirm usage and dispersal within 12 hours.


Contacting Scholars During the Day

  1. Scholars should not have cell phones (or any other valuables) with them at Freedom School. Cell phones at School will be kept locked in the site coordinators office and returned to the pick-up person at the end of the day.
  2. If a parent needs to contact or arrange early pick up for a Scholar, they should do so through the corresponding site coordinator.
  3. With the exception of special arrangements (i.e. – specially scheduled check-ins for any Pre-K Scholars), we ask that parents not contact Scholars during the day except in the case of emergencies. We promise that they will be perfectly happy to tell you all about the day when they see you!


Visit Us During Freedom School Program!

  1. We are so thankful to you for entrusting us with your Scholars! As they are your children, however, we invite you always to visit with us for any or all parts of the day. You can observe in your Scholar’s classroom, or join us for lunch or afternoon activities.
  2. Visits to Freedom School should be arranged with the site coordinator at least 2 days in advance so that we can alert all staff to additional adults on-site, and make certain that you are accounted for in additional arrangements (i.e. – additional supplies for activities, schedule changes). Parents/family should not arrive onsite and plan to stay for the day.


What to Wear & Bring to Freedom School

  1. Scholars should first and foremost bring themselves, and come with enthusiasm and a willingness to participate! We have some amazing days planned for them this summer!
  2. With the exception of Scholars on special diets (for medical or religious reasons), Scholars SHOULD NOT bring any food (snacks, lunches, etc.) to Freedom Schools’ program. We have several Scholars with severe allergies, and want to support their health by avoiding bringing in food that may harm them. We provide breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack during after care, as well as water and juice breaks throughout the day. Please believe us when we say—they are covered on the food front!
  3. Scholars should wear Freedom School activity-appropriate clothing. We paint, we dance, we garden, we work out—they get dirty, and so do their clothes! Please make certain they are dressed accordingly for both the weather and activities. You can reference their site calendar the night before to see their afternoon activities; however, this may not include what they are doing in morning Integrated Reading Curriculum.
  4. Scholars should wear sneakers or running shoes. They will be in physical activity nearly every day, and we do not want to run the risk of their being injured in flip-flops or sandals. We instead ask them to sit out—and we don’t want them to miss out!
  5. Scholars may bring sweaters or jackets as necessary (the AC may be cold for some of them!).
  6. Scholars DO NOT need backpacks, and so should leave those at home. We do not have space to store them, and they will be far too busy engaging with Freedom School and having fun during the day to use anything they may have brought in them. Afternoon activities are stationed and Scholars are expected to participate in their stations.
  7. Any items brought to Freedom Schools’ program deemed distracting by staff may result first in a Scholar being asked to put away the item(s), and then in confiscation by the site coordinator to be returned to the person picking up the Scholar at the end of the day.